Industrial technology research oriented to the optimization of the efficiency of a Big Science facility such as IFMIF-DONES


IFMIF-DONES is, in general terms, a first-of-a-kind neutron source essential for testing the more critical materials for the future fusion facilities. DONES-FLUX will address, with a global view, an optimization of the different fluxes inside IFMIF-DONES. This will permit to develop a cutting-edge smart facility able to remove the inefficiencies which put at risk its operation and maintenance, specially in the present situation of energy crisis

Esquema simplificado del funcionamiento de la instalación IFMIF-DONES

Tasks to develop

  • The deuteron beam extraction system will be completed, which will be destinated to alternative uses in the IFMIF-DONES facility. As the extracted beam reduces the current in the main beam, and consequently the neutron production, the more efficient the extraction, less energy will be needed to keep the nominal values in the main beam line and in the extraction line.
  • Because of its experimental nature, Big Science facilities such as CERN, ITER and IFMIF-DONES had been not focused in developing smart energy management systems. Thus, they don’t have electric flux grid management systems able to optimize it and take advantage as much as possible of the different energy co-generation systems, while keeping a stable and robust grid control permitting to achieve the planned scientific objectives.
  • The present conventional internal grid scheme with direct absorption of external grid power, will be used as the starting point through an internal grid with damping capacity and smart management of the demand. Application of state-of-the-art energy storage systems will be advanced for peak damping.

DONES-FLUX will offer solutions to the priority needs identified from the Consortium IFMIF-DONES Spain. Furthermore, most of these solutions are directly applicable to other facilities in the road map to Fusion or Big Science Industry in general.

This project, record number MIP-20221017, has been funded by CDTI – Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology- through the call of the program “Misiones CDTI” of the year 2022 and it is supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. Recovery, Transformation and Resilience plan – Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.