Technology and process industrial research applied to IFMIF-DONES for the evolution in the fusion program


FMIF-DONES is, in brief, a neutron source unique by its characteristics, which will be essential to testing the most critical materials for future fusion installations. Despite its design is very advanced, its singularity and difficulty make it necessary to use technologies still not proven, facing integration, feasibility and planing risks.

IFMIF-DONES neutron source building, including its constituent different sections.

IFMIF-DONES deuterons accelerator main parameters

Parameter Value
Particle D+
Mean beam current 125 mA
Kinetic energy 40 MeV
Frequency 175 MHz (5,71 ns)
Mean power 5 MW

Kicker extraction device

In the work package critical technologies for particle accelerators, SUPRASYS is going to investigate the technology of the so-called kicker extraction devices. The objective is to obtain a secondary deuteron beam and to include an experimental neutron time-of-flight facility. For this purpose, the kicker requirements and specifications will be studied, a kicker conceptual design will be performed, and a technological validator will be built.

Extraction System main parameters

Parameters for the neutron time-of-flight experiment.

Parameter Value
Particle D+
Beam fraction to extract 1/1000
Pulse length in the experimental area <10 ns
Kinetic energy 40 MeV
Parasitic frequency 175 kHz
Mean power 5 kW

This project, record number MIG-20211006, has been funded by the CDTI – Center for the Development of Industrial Technology – through the 2021 cal of the program ‘Misiones CDTI.