The meeting held the 27th of April in the Zamudio Technology Park has open a discussion forum fostering for collaborations between the agents with experience in the field of Particle Accelerators, Neutronics and Large Scientific Infrastructures. University Groups, Technology Centres and Basque Companies have participated in the event.

Estivaliz Hernaez, Deputy Minister of Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness, Economic Development and Infrastructures Department and Adolfo Morais, Deputy Minister of Universities and Research, Education Department have leaded the meeting, where the participants met the new ESS Bilbao CEO, Mario Pérez. He is trying, among other projects, to perform the compromised In-Kind Contributions for the European Spallation Source in Lund (ESS Lund) in Sweden.

In this meeting have participated Companies as Aernnova, Grupo Alcor, Antec, AVS, Cadinox, Celestia Technologies Group, Egile, Elytt, Fagor Automation, Idom, Ineustar, Jema Energy, Sener and Suprasys. The represented Technology Centres have been: Ceit, Cidetec, Ikerlan, Lortek, Tekniker and Tecnalia. And from the University: Bcam, BC Materials, DIPC and several groups of the UPV-EHU.

In this sector, the collaboration between the Companies, Technology Centres, Research Centres and Universities is compulsory. Thus, the meeting has promoted this cooperation and collaboration and opened new shared working trends.

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