SUPRAYS in ACERCA, the introducing program Big Science Industry – Canary Astrophysics Institute (IAC). The program generates a technological cooperation space between the Canary Astrophysics Institute (IACTEC) and the companies belonging to the Spanish Big Science Technology Platform (INDUCIENCIA), in collaboration with the Spanish Science Industry Association (INEUSTAR). During the period comprising the 19th to 23rd of October, crew of SUPRASYS has participated in meetings, corporative presentations and visits to IAC headquarters and laboratories. Teide Observatory Scientific instruments were also…

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Brochure about Spanish Capacities in the Large Scientific Facilities by CDTI

The Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI acronym in Spanish) has published a brochure about the Spanish enterprises with Capacities in Large Scientific Facilities, including SUPRASYS. This brochure includes maps of capacities in the fields of Astronomy, Fusion and Particle Physics. To download it, this link points to CDTI web page.

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SUPRASYS in the “Mutual Knowledge Workshop” at the Astronomic Observatory of Yebes

The past 1st of October, SUPRASYS has participated in the so-called “Mutual Knowledge Workshop” in the Astronomical Observatory of Yebes (Guadalajara, Spain). This event consists in a meeting between managers and technical staff of the observatory and Spanish enterprises relate to the Big Science Industry sector. It was organized by the association INEUSTAR and the technology platform INDUCIENCIA. During the workshop, it was explained by the Observatory the actual facilities and techniques employed there, as well as the near-term upgrade…

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